Only a few more sleeps to go and the festiveness is really getting to me today. My niece’s first ever Nativity play this morning (plus a slightly nonchalant looking Father Christmas along with a clearly lost Buzz Lightyear) has well and truly put me in the Christmas spirit. A few days ago I brought you Part One of our Best Wedding Photographs of 2013 and it’s time to share Part Two. These are a collection of my favourites from weddings throughout the year along with a little personal work that I’ve got up to in 2013 as well.

As always the thanks first and foremost should go to all of the Brides and Grooms who have made these photographs possible. Normally when I first meet a couple and we’re sat around in a train station coffee shop talking over the plans I talk for a little while (without trying to sound too artsy) that making pictures really is so much more than standing and smiling for the camera. I need people to give a little and forget that I’m there, to get a little lost in it all and just focus on how amazing the day is.

The photographs come out of these moments. Sometimes it’s bold and the laughter fills the roof and sometimes it’s shy and awkward with little chuckles in each others ear but either way it’s all about people in love and pure happiness. So thank you to each and every single one of you for being so open and relaxed and having so much fun with us to make these. Every single one hit me immediately as I looked at it on the back of the camera and the impression it has left has only  got stronger as the year has gone on.

From Nick & Mini canoodling on the sofa late into the night to Dermot and Peter spinning around and around (whilst making me feel slightly motion sick in the process) on their fairground Waltzer I love each and every one of these frames. They’re the pictures that I love to make. If you’re reading this and planning your own wedding in 2014/15 and beyond and they’re making you smile and you think my approach might work pretty well for you then I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

The final Part Three will be up on the Blog on Christmas Eve. In the meantime, have a wonderfully Christmassy weekend folks!

Jackson & Co Photography | Best Wedding Photographs 2013

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