Morning! This is the first in a series of posts focussing on Wedding Photography In Kent but also on how important it is to get all of the other suppliers right on the day as well. Having been married for a few years now I can still remember how I essentially stepped aside and let Hannah find all of the different suppliers. I remember thinking how amazing it was that it all came together so well and also thinking how I really should have pitched in more to help out!

Today’s all about the flowers! It’s something that I know next to nothing about at all other than “oooo they’re pretty” or “oooo they smell nice”. The only other thing I know about them is that if you can only be bothered to get your wife flowers from the garage, she’s probably not going to be too impressed. I’ve known Katherine at Florist In The Forest just outside Tunbridge Wells for a little while now and she’s bursting with enthusiasm about her job and what she offers and it’s easy to see why.

Pulling up at her cute little studio in the middle of the forest the smell of the flowers hits you almost before you’ve climbed out of the car. Surrounded by tall trees is this tiny little unassuming wooden studio. But inside its bold and colourful and smells amazing, it’s here that Katherine works her magic. It’s quite possible that you will have seen her flowers featured on blogs or on other photographers websites. She’s been lucky enough to work at some of the very best wedding venues in Kent and Sussex such as the Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells, The George At Rye and The Bell at Ticehurst to name but a few.

A few weeks back I spent a little time watching Katherine work and photographing all of the different elements that need to come together to make something really special for your wedding day. It’s safe to say that in the same time it would take me to tie a small hand posey she could probably put together your entire arrangement. Her knowledge of flowers and plants is amazing and it’s really inspiring that she grows a large number of flowers in a plot behind the studio – when the weather permits.

Over tea she talked to me at length about what clients ask and what they perhaps don’t ask but should, where her flowers come from and the different ways to present them, not to mention what’s in season and when. It’s safe to say that Katherine will be able to help you with everything! In the end I couldn’t take much more in so I asked her to write a little about what she does which is below along with photographs telling the story of a Day In The Life of the Florist In The Forest.

Jackson & Co Photography | Wedding Photography In Kent

“Welcome to my little studio in the forest! My Aladdin’s Cave of treasures; as well as a love of flowers, I can’t resist a good bric-a-brac shop and the shelves of the studio are lined with vintage glass vases, jars, jugs and silverware, perfect for rustic, country or vintage weddings.

It’s here that I sit down and meet my couples to discuss their ideas over a cuppa. We’ll look through my portfolio, books and magazines to get a feel for the style that they wish to capture for their big day and chat about likes and dislikes; this all helps build up a picture for their wedding style. It’s always great if a couple have collected any images they particularly like, even if it’s not of flowers, as it helps me to get a feel for their overall look or theme, if they have one. Every detail can help to set the scene!

Don’t worry if you don’t know the names of flowers, that’s what I’m here for and I’m very good at narrowing down from “it’s tall and spikey and comes in blues and purples”, or “they are pink and scented”!

Colour or fabric samples are also a great starting point to either match to or coordinate with, but it is not the end of the world if dresses and suits have yet to be chosen.  

We will discuss all the various areas that can be dressed with flowers, narrow it down if need be and focus on key areas and think of ways to move arrangements around, in order to get the most from every vase, urn arrangement and pew end. Once we have chatted through all the ideas and finished our tea, I will work on a personalised quote and create a mood board in order for couples to help visualise everything we have discussed.”

Katherine is incredibly proud and passionate about her business and rightly so. If you’re having a celebration in the near future then give her a ring I think you’ll like her! A little click here will take you to her site. Enjoy!

 Jackson & Co Photography | Wedding Photography In Kent

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