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Wedding Photographer Of The Year | National Highly Commended | TWIA 2020

Last week was a good week, a very good week. On Wednesday night our names were read aloud and we walked (or in my case, half tripped, clumsy oaf) up onto the stage to collect our award for Wedding Photographer Of The Year – National Highly Commended at The Wedding Industry Awards 2020. It’s a mouthful I know.

For those within this industry reading this, you know what it means. But for most, I’m sure you’re scratching your heads a bit and that’s understandable. The Wedding Industry Awards are the pinnacle of wedding awards and really the only accolade that we all want to win some day. Some incredible people have won these trophies in the past, heroes of ours and photographers and suppliers that we will always look up to.

The Wedding Industry Awards collect over 1100 entries each year and it covers all elements from this little world, photography, floristry, venues, videography etc. We were announced as South East Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2020 back last November and last week was the National Final.

When you think about how enormous this industry is, then look around and realise that there are scarcely more than a few hundred people in the ballroom in Covent Garden all dressed up and glamorous it’s a pinch yourself moment at how far you’ve come.

When you’re sat on the train home clutching a little trophy, grinning wildly at each other and realising that only about 15 or so people that night were recognised Nationally across all categories, it’s a feeling that I wish I could bottle and keep coming back to for another swig. It’s been an exhilarating week. We’ve been doing this wonderful job now for 8 seasons and I think we both feel with each season that goes by that we’re just that little bit clearer each year what it is that we do well, what we enjoy, and how we can bring the best out of our clients so that they can have the best day possible.

Neither of us have ever accepted that being a good photographer is enough in this industry. It’s stupidly competitive, and we’ve always unapologetically put the best customer service that we can achieve at the absolute top of our priority list. These awards are judged on several things, including having all of our work, website and social media reviewed by a panel of photography professionals and judges.

But before all that, and to even be shortlisted for the Regional Finals that we ultimately won a large part comes down to client feedback. Completely anonymous, it’s nerve wracking wondering what people had to say about us. Today, we got to read through it all and although Im not going to bore you with every single kind word written, we wanted to share a few snippets of what our brides and grooms wrote as honestly, it’s the best bit and as good as receiving the award itself. To read that we made such a positive, happy contribution to the best day of peoples lives so far is just a real lump in the throat moment for both of us.

Hannah and I have been trying to get our heads around it for a week or so now and trying to work out what it means for us and all that we’ve come to realise is that ultimately, it means that we have to keep on doing what we’ve been doing all along. Giving everything, being positive, helping out through the day, and enjoying this buzz that gives us confidence to be creative and to photograph things how we see them. We need to keep looking hard at every element of this business and working out where we can improve it, even if it’s just 1% in a few different areas – it all adds up.

It may be a one off, it probably will be, and that’s ok, it’s a rare moment in the spotlight for us and a smile and pat on the back that we’re doing good things and if it’s never repeated then we’ll always remember a brilliant, hazy night in Covent Garden where we’ve never been more surprised or delighted.

We owe a massive thank you to all the judges for reviewing our work, providing great feedback and taking the time to look through so many entries. We owe an even BIGGER thank you to ALL of our clients for supporting us and being so in tune with what we do. Thanks for the kind words, we’ll never be able to say thank you enough. To everyone whose booked us whose wedding we’ve not yet shot… word we’re excited! Roll on the Summer. – Michael & Hannah Xx

Wedding Photographer Of The Year | National Highly Commended | TWIA 2020

The Best Of 20190011“Jackson and Co literally could not have done a better job. From the very beginning, they were quick to respond to our enquiry, gave us all the info we needed.

On the day, they put us at ease from the beginning, fitting into the day so seamlessly. As people who don’t like having their photos taken, they have done an amazing job, getting the best out of everyone and the finished product are simply stunning. We are so grateful to Jackson and Co and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.” – Natasha & FredThe Best Of 20190027“Jackson & Co were the best supplier we had at our wedding. They completely over delivered on what was expected – willing to adapt, help and generally be a part of the day.

The photos were brilliant and the quality of service didn’t end after the wedding – chocolates, lovely emails and incredible photos! Would highly recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.” – Oshi & RobLondon Wedding Photographer216“Michael and Hannah honestly made our wedding day. Our wedding in November was in a dark stately home, with much of the photography happening at sunset or in low lighting.

Despite these challenges, the Jacksons never made us feel like we were up against the clock, and the resulting ‘golden hour’ photographs blew us away. In addition to this, their documentary style of photography is so incredibly unobtrusive, it’s amazing that they can produce such an intimate portrait of our special day.” – Rebecca & EdThe Best Of 20190050“They are a wonderful team, they fitted in like one of the family on the day leaving everyone feeling relaxed and open.

Their attention to detail is impeccable and they both went to such effort to get the perfect shot including bundling us into their car, drinks still in hand, to find the best of the English countryside during a brief pause from the wet weather.

The final shots were incredible and we’ve had to get several printed to the biggest size we could find! The photos will last a lifetime.”-Emma & ChrisThe Best Of 20190060Gosh!! Where to start!! From the moment we spotted Michael’s work on Instagram, we just knew he had to be our wedding photographer… and we certainly weren’t disappointed with our choice.

Both him and Hannah were true professionals, making us and our guests feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera all day long. The pictures are beyond AMAZING – they captured everything we wanted, and more… the perfect representation of our prefect day! We truly cannot recommend them highly enough!! – AnonymousLondon Wedding Photographer231“Michael and Hannah were absolutely brilliant before, during and after the wedding. Their experience and beautiful vision translated into the perfect set of photography from our big day. We’re so thankful to them. The loveliest of people too! We felt at ease and loved every single step of the way because of them.” – Luchia & DanielThe Best Of 20190082“Wow, where to begin! I don’t think we will ever be able to put in to words how happy we are with our wedding photos!

The capture the atmosphere and give of the day so perfectly. We can’t stop looking at them! Aside from the quality and selection of photos, I can’t say nice enough things about Michael and Hannah.

They made things so easy from the very beginning, chatting clearly and informally about what they do and they felt like extra guests on the day. I’m so pleased we found them!!” – Chloe & George The Best Of 20190103Michael was great – really approachable and friendly from the start. I barely noticed him on the day, which is a sign that he just blended in with the festivities. He is incredibly skilled – we were a bit worried about photos as we had an indoor wedding in winter, which would mean lighting would be an issue. We chose Michael based on his portfolio showcasing indoor shots, and he proved excellent. – AnonymousThe Best Of 20190173“MJ and Hannah were the ultimate professionals. They accommodated our crazy and hectic wedding day schedule with huge smiles and a positive attitude. They were so helpful and so energetic all day long. The photos were absolutely stunning and we will cherish them forever.” – Trina & Christopher The Best Of 20190123 There was no second choice for us when it came to photographer. As soon as we saw Michael and Hannah’s work and then spoke to them it was obvious that they are not only utterly fabulous at what they do but that they work hard to understand what you’re hoping for and then deliver it 100%.

From the initial meetings, to Michael’s unobtrusive ability to be in just the right place at just the right time on the day, to the joyous, beautiful & personal book of candid memories at the end – perfection! – Rebecca & TimThe Best Of 20190043Michael at Jackson and Co bought all our dreams come true, by capturing the most magical moments of our day. Not only did we get fantastic photos but he did it in the most natural and sensitive way.

His clear direction and subtle approach put us all at ease and most of the time we didn’t even realise he was there. He spent his time well and used the glorious weather to his advantage. The outcome is that of a talented and highly professional photographer who I’d highly recommend” – Harley & Kevin The Best Of 20190153“Hannah & Michael were the loveliest, calmest & skilled photographers! We’d been really nervous beforehand as we’re not the most comfortable couple in front of the camera, but they made us feel at such ease (we really were made to feel like we were hanging out with old friends during shoots!) and that really shows in the wonderful candid moments they captured!

They went above and beyond, helping with the day in general from keeping timings to helping groomsmen out with buttonholes!” – Laura & Stephen

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