Morning all! Being a wedding photographer in Kent i’m incredibly fortunate in that I have couples from all over the country and further afield. It also means that I’ve done my fair share of pretty logistically complicated weddings. Whether you’re having a small simple ceremony or something a bit more complicated abroad or even in London the best day of your life can become a bit “character building” in the run up to it.

I’ve seen it plenty of times, you’ve designed Pinterest Board upon Pinterest board with hundreds of ideas. You’re doing your best to cram all of these dreams into one huge epic celebration and you’re writing lists as long as your arms and legs together of things you need to do. Your wedding day is intended to be the most memorable of your life, but when you sit down and begin to sketch out the timings for the big day you can easily become overwhelmed and wonder how on earth you are going to organise everything to run smoothly on the day.

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In every Wedding Collection that we offer there is a Pre Wedding shoot included. Normally over a bit of cake before hand the conversation often turns to what still needs to be done. It’s normally lots. So if you’re reading this a little  frayed and on the edge, don’t worry its perfectly normal!

For some people the perfect solution is to hire a wedding planner. So for the second post on what it’s like to be a Wedding Photographer In Kent and my series on Choosing A Supplier I thought today would be a pretty good day to throw some light on The Wedding Dolls in Kent. If you’re struggling a little to make it all come together then it’s not too late to ask for some help.

I’ve got to know Emma and Jo pretty well by now and I know that for some of my couples hiring a wedding planner can make life a heck of a lot easier. While some people will always scowl at the idea of a Wedding Planner, whether it be cost or wanting to keep complete control, wedding planners are a god send to lot’s of people. You just need to know what they can and can’t help you with and whether they’re right for you.

Emma and Jo, the Wedding Dolls have created a successful wedding planning business that suits all budgets, and I recently spent an afternoon sat in the sunshine over coffees (I know, I’m an addict) with them discussing why you might benefit from hiring a wedding planner.

The one common factor in nearly all weddings is that they involve multiple venues, lots and lots of guests and more than a handful of different suppliers. It might be that you’re having a Big Red Bus or a an old Vintage VW Campervan to pick you up or deliver your guests to the venue. You might be having hair and makeup somewhere different to where you’re putting your dress on. There are so many variables. It would be fair to say that in the past I’ve been a little skeptical about what a wedding planner can offer but Jo summed it up perfectly when she said….

“So many times the organisation of the day falls to the bridesmaid, the mother of the bride, the ushers, the best man etc. Having us there simply means that we can do all of that for you on the day and leave every single one of your guests to have a great time”. 

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Although it’s not something that I do hundreds and hundreds of like a traditional wedding photographer, Group Shots or Formal Photos can play a large part in the day as well. We both know that there is always an “Uncle John” at the bar or rounding up the nieces and nephews, your best mate has nipped to the loo or to pop your wedding card on the table. Having a wedding planner around can pay for themselves alone during this chunk of the day. Where in some cases in can take forever, they can organise everyone into groups and make the process really quick and really smooth meaning you get to go back to your celebrations much quicker. And that’s the bottom line. The organisation of your dream day shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying it.

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Emma and Jo have written a really good article themselves on the 5 reasons that you might consider hiring a wedding planner. Essentially they offer two types of services. Either an on the day coordination service or a fully bespoke wedding planning service. But the core of what they aim to do is to save you time, save you money and make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible with minimal fuss. On a personal note these two are absolutely lovely. They have years of experience and are very discreet yet assertive and I’ve loved working with them in the past.

Pop over to their website and read in detail the five reasons to hire a wedding planner, have a read and see what you think.

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