Last Thursday Chris and Laura had a beautiful intimate wedding in the Yorkshire Dales. They were married at the Priesthouse near Skipton before going back to the Craven Arms to drink good ale and eat even more spectacular food.Bear-summer

Getting married in the Yorkshire Dales is quite unlike anything else. It’s peaceful and idyllic with rolling hills all around you and when the sun sets it’s quite unlike anywhere else on earth. Hannah and I spent 5 years living in Yorkshire and a big piece of me really misses it, especially on evening like this one.

As a photographer sometimes moments and light just spring up out of nowhere to make life interesting and keep you on your toes. As we stood in the road that had been raced on by the Tour De France not two weeks ago the sun broke through and from behind me the leading rider hollered “Get out of the way!!!”. Instead of that they just cuddled up and had a little kiss as the Peloton thundered past them down the hill. It was a completely perfect moment.

For now here’s a little handful of previews to send Chris and Laura away on honeymoon with, have an amazing time!

Jackson & Co Photography | Wedding In The Yorkshire Dales

Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-8Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-3Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-4Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-11Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-5Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-6Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-10Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-17Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-19Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-20Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-21Chris & Laura | Yorkshire Dales Wedding-22

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