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It seems that everyone in the world has been discovering Iceland recently. I half expected to climb off of the plane and just see a swarm of movie stars, film directors and wedding photographers all ready to take advantage of the jaw dropping scenery. One day maybe I’ll get to shoot a wedding in Iceland but in all honesty, this was purely a holiday. A chance for Hannah and I to reward ourselves after an amazing summer and the first chance we’d had to take a few days off in months.

It’s no secret that when I very first started taking photographs it was of the coast up in Yorkshire. I’d clamber out of bed at silly’o’clock in the morning and drive through the darkness to the clifftops, precariously climbing down to the shore and waiting for the sun to come up.

I’ve never lost that love of making landscapes and although other photographers recharge their batteries doing street photography or portrait work (which seems to make a lot more sense and be far more applicable to what we do at weddings) for me, taking some time out, slowing down and just concentrating on making 5-6 frames that I’m really happy with is the perfect way for me to energise myself again.

We were only in Reykjavik for three days. The weather was awful, the visibility not much further than the end of your arm and yet it’s a staggering place. From the Blue Lagoon (not pictured, you don’t need to see me in my swimmers, trust me!) to the black sand beaches of Vik, the Thingvellir National Park and the tumbling waterfalls of Gulfoss and Skogafos, Iceland will knock you off your feet.

We’re planning on going again next spring time but for now, here’s a very small handful of frames from our time in Iceland…

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  1. We went to Iceland for the first time last month – just for three days, and the weather was pretty bad too – but I totally agree, it’s a amazing place and we can’t wait to go back again either! Love your shots :)


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