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So this is us, Michael & Hannah, George & little Jasper too (although the boys don’t come to weddings, not unless you want your wedding cake eaten before lunchtime anyway).

We’re Kent Wedding Photographers based near West Malling and we’ve been doing this for the past 7 seasons/250+ weddings which frankly when I’m writing this down is a bit nuts.

It genuinely feels like only a few weekends ago when I was picking up my camera to go and shoot landscapes at sunrise on the Yorkshire coast as a bit of fun.

Essentially, this is a hobby that got comically out of hand and we’re very glad about it.

We shoot about 40 weddings a year, half together and Michael shoots the others solo. That means that about 40 times a year one or both of us get to be there on the happiest day of someones life and that’s about the best way to pay the bills that either of us can think of.

In a previous life we were both medical reps who met and had a long distance relationship up and down the A1.

We moved in together in Tunbridge Wells before properly making a home for ourselves in York for a few years.

We ate out a lot, went to the cinema even more, and we got ourselves a couple of cute fluffy kittens who grew up to be old, slow, grumpy cats that may be plotting against us called Stan & Claude, before packing up our stuff and moving back to Kent to be closer to our friends, family and to start a little business…

  • Michael survives on a combination of Peanut Butter and Porridge. They’re pretty much his favourite things.

  • Hannah is crafty. But in a very nice way. She’s the real creative in the family.

  • George has a baby brother on the way in the next weeks. Eeeek.

  • Michael’s favourite movie is The Godfather except that really it’s a combo of Romancing The Stone, Shaun Of The Dead and Ratatouille.

  • Hannah favourite thing is “Chocolate Concrete & Custard” and if you’re not from Doncaster you probably wont know what it is but it’s excellent.

  • We unapologeticaly love Frasier.

  • Michael doesn’t really drink but either a Rum & Ginger Beer or a Mojito is rarely turned down if offered.

  • We’ve travelled to a few places over the years but spending time in Yosemite Valley tops our list by a mile.

  • Michael plays Touch Rugby every Monday night and likes to think of himself as a rare undiscovered diamond of a player. No one else considers him this.

  • Hannah has a rare talent for finding weirdly valuable/unexpectedly excellent things whilst rummaging in charity and junk shops.

  • Michaels very first camera was carved out of wood by his Dad for his Christmas present when he was three.

In amongst all of that, we managed to craft ourselves our own little business that has grown into something we absolutely adore and love every minute of. We shoot weddings internationally and across the UK and we can’t wait to hear a little more about your own story and what you’ve got planned for your special day!

Michael & Hannah


(A super thank you to our talented friends Aga & Voyteck for the photos on this page!)