This weekend was my first time behind the lens for a wedding since Laura & Darren’s winter wedding in January. Although it’s only been a couple of months I’ve really missed it and it reminded me of just how fun this job is and how lucky I am. It’s just so much fun being a wedding photographer and I try my best to see and photograph all of that humour and love that is flying around on your wedding day and document it exactly as it is.

This is Linda. She’s Julia’s Bridesmaid and she loves confetti. A lot it would appear. Minutes after Julia and Martin’s ceremony everyone rushed to greet them at the entrance to the hotel, there were handfuls of confetti, bubbles, confetti canons the whole kaboodle. Although I love the photographs of the couple walking through the mist of petals and paper it’s this shot just a second before they stepped out through those doors that makes me smile the most. This is a bridesmaid who takes her confetti throwing seriously!

This is what wedding photography is all about for me. Fun – lots and lots of it. Although I have huge respect for fashion photographers and people who make incredibly atmospheric and mood filled portraits, for me at least, a wedding day is about fun and laughter and celebrating surrounded by everyone in the world that loves you. Wedding photography should be happy I think. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a silly sense of humour but these moments just really crack me up, these are the shots that go into my portfolio or hang on the walls of my office because they’re the little moments in time that bring that day back forever.

A single frame like this can tell a story that will make you smile for years to come, the excitement, the humour, the pride, it’s all in there. If you’ve got time I’ve written a little more about how I approach each wedding that goes into more detail but for now here’s Linda and her ridiculously big bag of confetti!

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