It’s a gloomy Tuesday in December. I’m freezing cold, I’ve been out all day and even though I’m indoors in the warmth I can still feel the chills in my shoulders.

So against that decidedly wet and windy backdrop we’re going to wind the clock right back to the heat of the summer for Simon & Diana’s wedding. Being a Southend Barns Wedding Photographer is a fun job. It’s an incredible venue and although it’s a classic barn everything that surrounds it has a very distinctive Nordic flavour to it. On a sun soaked day like that one it’s hard to beat.

More than anything else I love people and I love emotion at a wedding. Looking back at the year I honestly don’t think that I saw a more emotional Groom standing at the alter. Simon managed to keep it together (just about!) but there were a lot of deep breaths and eyes to the sky whilst the anticipation of Diana’s arrival steadily built up.

When the day got into full swing both Simon and Diana along with their guests just seemed to burst with smiles and laughter. Cigars were smoked, marshmallows were toasted and gobbled up and everything was awesome.

As always my approach is to let the photographs tell the story of their day rather than writing about it. So turn the heating up a few notches, grab a hot chocolate and forget that it’s nearly Christmas and take yourself back to the summer for a little while. Here is the story of Simon & Diana’s day…

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