I don’t know why but normally the “traditional” moments of the day, the first kiss, the cake cut, the first dance rarely produce the moments that resonate with me afterwards. Maybe its the pressure to do something amazing? Maybe its the feeling that all the eyes on the room are on them? Who knows, but I see loads of couples kind of shuffle through these events kind of bashfully.

So to see a couple completely in a world of their own with a hundred people gazing onwards without a care in the world is an amazing sight, and an even better thing to photograph. We’ve been lucky enough to shoot at South Farm a few times now and every time its seem to produce wonderful weddings. South Farm Wedding Photography is always something we look forward to.

Jackson & Co Photography | South Farm Wedding Photography

South Farm Wedding

This is just a simple frame of two people dancing but it seemed perfect for a Story Frame. I like to think you know everything you need to about these guys just by looking at this picture. You can tell how in love they are and how much fun they’re having by the smile plastered all over Louise’s face and that gorgeous embrace. These guys will be hitting the blog in full later this year without a shadow of a doubt…

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