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Serena and Andy’s Wedding at Leeds Castle was one of the most ridiculously laid back celebrations that I’ve ever been a part of. Right from the minute we met Andy on the Pre Wedding Shoot we knew it would be. Nothing really seems to phase him at, he just smiled and laughed all evening whilst Serena could scarcely contain her excitement as we were talking about their plans. Nothing was ever going to get in the way of these two having the day of their lives. Come the wedding day itself Champagne corks popped, people celebrated and Serena laughed and cried….a lot. As a photographer whose approach is built almost entirely around people and their emotions I couldn’t have asked for more. When people are clearly having this much fun it’s hard not to be ridiculously happy yourself!

I don’t often do this but I really think that this day is better viewed as a slideshow so there’s one sitting above for you. It’s only a few minutes long and if you’ve got the time I think you’ll like it. If you’re rushing around or if you’re sneakily reading this at work and your boss is nearby then I’ve blogged some photographs from the day as usual below, just make sure to watch it when you get home! I included a DVD slideshow with every wedding as there’s just something that makes me go all misty eyed about seeing photographs and music together, it gets me every time.

Best of all we got to have a chat with the guys that run the punting rafts on the edge of the water and persuaded them to take us all out for some portraits onto the moat surrounding Leeds Castle. They were more than happy to do it so thank you to them and it’s made for some pretty unique pictures of a Wedding at Leeds Castle from a viewpoint not seen before. Congratulations Serena and Andy and thank you for being yourselves, just awesome. This is the story of their day…

Jackson & Co Photography | A Wedding At Leeds Castle

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