As I stir my Macchiato and dunk my little almond biscuit in it again I realise that Im sat here in this cute little square at a tiny little table with an enormous grin plastered across my face. It also dawns on me that Im sure to pretty much everyone around here I look like either a complete lunatic or someone who likes almond biscuits waaaay too much. I’ve got ahead of myself and started at the end so let me wind back a little and tell you how I ended up becoming a Lake Garda Wedding Photographer…..

One night Hannah and I are sitting at some really good friends of ours and Sinead says:

“We’ve got to get a Passport for little baby Huw”

“Why? Where you going?”

” Lake Garda in Italy, It’s Seans wedding, he’s getting married! It’s on top of Malcesine Castle, how cool is that?”

“Whoa! That’s absolutely amazing! Destination Weddings are just about my favourite thing in the world! Has he got a wedding photographer? I’d love to shoot that that sounds unbelievable!”

“I dunno, I’ll find out for you….”

” Sinead, I’ll owe you one forever!!!!”

A few months later as the rubber squeaked on the tarmac in Verona and my feverish sweat subsided (I’m not a huge fan of flying!) I really couldn’t believe it was happening.Me, a Lake Garda Wedding Photographer!? I hopped on a couple of buses, made my way up the coast of Lake Garda until I could see the top of Malcesine Castle poking out above the tree line. Sean and Mel had the most perfect wedding you could dream of. Glorious sunshine, good wine, great food and an amazing venue surrounded by brilliant friends and family. As Sean would say “Cheersi!”

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