Sam & Tony | A Wedding At The Bell In Ticehurst

Jackson & Co Photography | A Wedding At The Bell In Ticehurst

Sam & Tony's wedding at The Bell In Ticehurst was an absolute barnstormer. Autumn weddings lend themselves to rich, golden tones, there's often a lovely quality of light that burns off brightly in the late afternoon and Sam & Tony's wedding bundled up all of those tones and magic perfectly.

Everything just came together. The Bell In Ticehurst is a venue that I've shot at a whole bunch of times and I can honestly say that a wedding at The Bell In Ticehurst is always a special occasion. Very rarely are two weddings here the same. Maybe it's the quirky nature of the venue, the laid back staff or the locals sat at the bar smiling at raising a glass but every time I get to shoot a wedding at the Bell In Ticehurst I marvel at peoples creativity and ability to put a completely new take on a wedding day.

Sam & Tony embraced everything that the venue has, there were sausage dogs, embroidered veils, sharp suits and a band as loud as the limiter would allow it and when it bleeped out, the stomping of feet and clapping of hands took over.

Hannah and I were also trusted to put a Wedding Reel together for them, there's a little 30sec or so snippet of it above. They're never a full film, not a full recording of the speeches or ceremony, just a short 3-4min highlight reel of how the day looked and felt through our eyes, and hopefully of Sam & Tony and their guests too. We only take a small number of these on each year but they're a huge amount of fun and this one is one we're especially proud of.

Thanks so much to Sam & Tony for making us a part of the day, letting us eat more than a slice or two of cake, have a little dance and join in the fun. Cheers guys!

Jackson & Co Photography | A Wedding At The Bell In Ticehurst

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