So last but by certainly not least this is the final blog post of my wrap up of the past few days. Following on from Rachael & Yohan and Jayne & Andy, Sally & Luke held their Brogdale Farm Wedding on Monday. What an amazing day, I truly have to pinch myself most weeks doing this job. I’m so lucky to meet, photograph and often become friends with so many lovely people along the way.

Sally & Luke began the day by getting married at the Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham before heading over to Brogdale Farm. They drank cocktails from jam jars and climbed aboard the tractor which took them deep into the orchards and fields for the rest of their day. The rain came and poured and poured but it didn’t dampen their spirits one bit. Sally simply hopped into her new Wellies and out into the fields we went.

I was having such a good time with everyone I completely lost track of time, missed my tractor ride back to the car park and ended up staying right the way until the midnight finish and I couldn’t have been happier. Here’s to a beautiful couple and an incredible day!

Jackson & Co Photography | Brogdale Farm Wedding
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