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Garden Party Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography

Another summer belter here from the busiest wedding season in a long while. 2021 has been jam packed full of good stuff and I’m trying hard to get as much of it up on the blog as I can whilst I’ve got a bit of a winter break. I don’t think Im going to do a Best Of roundup post this year (I might change my mind on that), I just want to bring as many full weddings to the blog as I can, it feels like I massively neglected it during 2020 and I’m making amends for that now!

So here’s Olivia & Joe and their beauty of a garden party wedding back at Olivias parents home. A big crowd, super nice surroundings, flowing champagne and smiles all round all day. All the ingredients for an absolutely brilliant wedding! I love a wedding at home and the chilled out vibe that it gives, all the stuff you need, none of the fluff you don’t. A massive thank you to Olivia & Joe for making Hannah and small part of the day, we had a great time and delivered stacks and stacks of summery frames from this one!

More to come from the rest of the season soon!

Garden Party Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography

Olivia & Joe-12021-12-16_0001 Olivia & Joe-5 Olivia & Joe-172021-12-16_0002 Olivia & Joe-892021-12-16_0010 Olivia & Joe-101 Olivia & Joe-144 Olivia & Joe-146 Olivia & Joe-164 Olivia & Joe-198Olivia & Joe-222 Olivia & Joe-237 Olivia & Joe-255 Olivia & Joe-259 Olivia & Joe-2732021-12-16_0006 Olivia & Joe-278 Olivia & Joe-286 Olivia & Joe-3022021-12-16_0005 Olivia & Joe-313 Olivia & Joe-395 Olivia & Joe-408 Olivia & Joe-439 Olivia & Joe-440 Olivia & Joe-443 Olivia & Joe-448 Olivia & Joe-455 Olivia & Joe-470 Olivia & Joe-471 Olivia & Joe-483 Olivia & Joe-485 Olivia & Joe-522 Olivia & Joe-526 Olivia & Joe-535 Olivia & Joe-551 Olivia & Joe-560 Olivia & Joe-5632021-12-16_0008 Olivia & Joe-5852021-12-16_0009 Olivia & Joe-604 Olivia & Joe-606 Olivia & Joe-616 Olivia & Joe-656 Olivia & Joe-664 Olivia & Joe-666 Olivia & Joe-676 Olivia & Joe-679 Olivia & Joe-687 Olivia & Joe-707

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