Ok, brace yourselves everyone because this is going to be a big blog post. It might also be the brightest, most colourful and the most fun wedding that you’ve seen all year. If ever there was any doubt that being a Kent Wedding Photographer is an awesome job then that gets wiped away on days like this. This is also a great lesson in learning how to trust your instincts. When Nick called me for the first time and we chatted through his and Mini’s wedding day I was smiling away at the thought of it.

I was also very nervous as I knew that I had to get a 0900 flight out to Italy for another wedding the very next morning and that If I photographed Nick & Mini’s day then it would be a particularly painful drive through the night. With the mindset that during peak wedding season sleep is for wimps and all that we quickly got things all wrapped up and booked in. It was probably the best gamble that I’ve made this year.

Smiles are what make a wedding for me. Big ones. From the minute that Hannah and I arrived we were greeted with open arms by Mini’s family. Endless mugs of tea, peanut butter on toast and generally lots of fussing which was amazing, we couldn’t have asked for any more. With a Bridesmaids party made up of Mini and Nick’s sisters and closest friends it was just a typical tornado of activity whooshing through the house. Some people let the weather get to them but with the rain crashing down outside ALL day I honestly don’t remember it being mentioned at all. As long as Nick and Mini got married surrounded by their friends and family I think it could have been the end of the world outside and it still would have struggled to disturb their day.

Being a Kent Wedding Photographer I get to photograph venues all over the UK and this one was really special. Much to my dismay Yeo Valley Spaces choose not to host many, if any weddings at all. And yet it’s one of the coolest venues I’ve ever stepped foot in. The story goes that Nick and Mini had to turn their considerable charm all the way up to get married in the venue and being only 2 minutes away from where Mini grew up they buckled. Thank goodness they did as it reflected their personalities perfectly.

I’m not going to go on and on because it was just amazing, just take a look through the pictures and see the story for yourself.

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