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The Beacon Wedding Photographer | Jackson & Co Photography

Some weddings are teeny tiny, intimate affairs and all the better for it. A little delayed, their plans adapted but in no way reduced, Mel & Ozzys wedding at The Beacon in Tunbridge Wells was an absolute dream. Ozzy couldn’t stop smiling all day, neither could Mel and the small number of guests could only really just look on grinning at how obviously happy they were.

The Beacon is a spectacular venue for a wedding, that view alone is worth it, but when you throw in that outdoor ceremony area, knockout food and service to match it’s tough to think of a better wedding venue in Tunbridge Wells.

Weddings during Covid time have been up & down as we’ve all wriggled our way through the ever changing restrictions but hand on heart I do kind of hope that these smaller days are something that UK weddings adopt as something very special and every bit as special as a larger celebration. You only really need a couple of people and as long as the two people are front are buzzing then whether it’s 10 or 100 people after that it’ll still be magic.

The Beacon Wedding Photographer | Jackson & Co Photography

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