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Those who follow us on this blog regularly know that every quarter we enter our favourite photographs into a UK competition called the Masters Of Wedding Photography. The standard is ridiculously high as our peers work gets better and better and it’s a constant aim of ours to match the standard set by our friends in this industry and maybe every now and again to grab a little limelight with a frame or two that catches the judges eye.

This is Round 10 and I think so far we’ve managed to pick up an award in every round which has consistently placed us in the Top Ten UK Wedding Photographers for the past two years. If we can carry on and place inside the Top Ten for 2019 then we will both be absolutely over the moon.

This frame comes from the wonderful wedding of Hannah and Adam at Elmley Nature Reserve earlier last year. One of the things that I really have to force myself to do sometimes is just slow down and wait for the right moment to happen. This cool dude had been back flipping and spinning all evening but had stopped for a breather. I had my lighting setup for the crowd behind him and knew the multi coloured lights from the bands staging were going to illuminate him IF he did something cool. So I just sat down on the edge of the stage and waited for a little while. Then he let loose. The kids got some serious moves. I won’t pretend that I nailed it in one shot! It was dark and he was moving fast but when it all came together it was totally worth the wait!

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