So this crazy summer rollercoaster of weddings continues and on Thursday Katie & James had their Gaynes Park Wedding under the bluest skies imaginable. The Great British Summer had clearly been waiting for this one day as I can’t remember seeing a cloud in the sky all day long.Bear-summer

Katie looked incredible, James scrubbed up pretty well too in his tailor made suit and the bridesmaids all turned heads all day long. Yet it was a brief and fleeting, blink and you’ll miss it appearance from Hudson the Husky that stole the show with a cameo after the church ceremony in a particularly swish bowtie.

Seriously though, it’s always the people that make a wedding. Details date and change, but your friends and your family remain constant and when they’re smiling their heads off, snapping away furiously on their iPhones when they see you in that dress for the first time it’s incredible. Being able to be so close to capture this huge great bear hug of emotion is an enormous privilege and makes this job consistently amazing.

Here are a few previews of their day to send Katie & James away on honeymoon with. Enjoy!

Jackson & Co Photography | Gaynes Park Wedding

Katie & James | Gaynes Park-1Katie & James | Gaynes Park-2Katie & James | Gaynes Park-3Katie & James | Gaynes Park-4Katie & James | Gaynes Park-5Katie & James | Gaynes Park-6Katie & James | Gaynes Park-7

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