Wedding days are supposed to be happy. Big smiles, huge belly laughs and hugs being dished out like canapés. Jayne & Andy got married on Friday and it was genuinely one of the happiest occasions that I can remember. This was my second time as a Kenwood House Wedding Photographer after The Lemmon Wedding last year and it was an absolute treat to return.

It just seemed to be one of those days that no matter which way I turned there was a beaming smile to be seen. Every single person that I photographed or spoke to just couldn’t have been happier for these two and despite some Biblical rain and hail in the morning in didn’t take the shine off the day one bit.

I’m a people photographer above all else. The details come and go but those smiles, those tears on the face of Jaynes father when he saw her for the first time stay with me for weeks afterwards and hopefully these photos live long into the future with them. One moment above all stood out for me as it was so intimate and it was just after Jayne & Andy had sat down at the front of the aisle. Andy looked down and gave Jayne a little look and they realised that she was still wearing her Engagement ring. I’m not sure anyone other than me saw that moment and I felt incredibly happy to have caught it.

Kenwood House is an incredible venue and The Old Kitchen a perfect setting for a relaxed wedding, the staff are superb, the food amazing and within a little two minute stroll you’re stood at the top of Hampstead Heath looking out over London in all it’s glory.

I’d like to wish Jayne & Andy the biggest congratulations that I can muster and I hope you’re having a brilliant time on honeymoon!
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  1. I can’t stop looking at these photos and smiling just as much as I did on the big day itself! So many people have commented on how friendly you were and how you just ‘blended’ in which is exactly what we wanted! I can’t believe you captured the exact moment I switched my ring over-I love that picture! Can’t wait to see some more but we can see how busy you’ve been this summer!
    Thank you x (the bride!)


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