I first met Jarrod & Shikiko for a coffee in the middle of Spitalfields Market in London we chatted about how they’d met, their plans for their Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding and it was obvious to see that they had put so much care and attention into making sure that both of their families and especially those travelling all the way from Japan got to see the London that they love. Being a Documentary Wedding Photographer is a dream in these situations when you are privileged enough to be in an environment with two completely different families and cultures coming together for the first time, both celebrating the happy couple!

We walked around the market and the backstreets and ultimately inside of Christ Church Spitalfields. It’s an enormous church with huge windows and streams of light flooding the main entrance, I was almost as in love with the place as they were. When they told me their plans to go back to Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel afterwards for the wedding reception I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to photograph two such incredible and unique venues.

Jarrod & Shikiko | Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding

So the big day itself arrived and it was a day of firsts for me, the first time I’ve photographed a Kimono, the first day I’ve seen Diamante cat ears on a guest (completely awesome), the first time I’ve ever seen the speeches translated onto TV screens for the audience and the first time I’ve seen a traditional first dance. A fantastic experience and a joy to photograph.

Jackson & Co Photography | Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding

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