As a Destination Wedding Photographer part of the fun is never really knowing where this awesome job is going to take you. When David McNeil rang and asked if I fancied helping him out with a Destination wedding on the Isles Of Scily I immediately said yes. Then I put the phone down and laughed out loud for about an hour realising that I am not great on planes and worse still on boats. This would involve a LOT of boats.

The Isles Of Scily (not the Scily Isles – I got told off for this lots whilst there) is an incredible place. Our journey began with the roughest sea crossing from Penzance that I have ever experienced. I didn’t ever realise that I could actually turn green but I really can, it’s quite something to see. Sat in the pub on St Mary’s waiting for the room to stop lurching up and down and spinning around David announced that we still had another little boat crossing yet to get to Bryher.

It would be fair to say that I do NOT have sea legs, yet I would make the journey again in a heart beat without a second thought.

The people were warm, generous and extremely kind. The lack of traffic and noise is beautiful. The food is outrageously good. But more than anything else the islands themselves are frankly jaw dropping. Everywhere you turn there is a spectacular vista, whether you’re down on the beach sat on the jetty or clambering through the heather to the top of the hill, it’s just amazing.

This is the story of Rosi & Tom’s day…..

Jackson & Co Photography| Destination Wedding Photographer

Dress by Lily & Louise | Accessories by PowderBlueBijoux on Etsy | Transport by Bryher Boats | Wedding Cake by Becky’s Scily Cakes | EPIC fudge by Veronica Farm 

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