So you might have already seen the a few frames from Kathryn and Adam’s terrifically fun Honnington Farm Gardens Wedding a few weeks ago when I posted a few of the previews. Kathryn and Adam are now back home in Bangkok after what I hope was a suitably epic honeymoon so I get to share some more  of the action with you!

Sometimes it takes a little while for the dust to settle to realise just how much fun a wedding really was. Others stick in your mind and refuse to leave, Kathryn & Adam’s was one of those. It was the hottest day of the year and Hannah and I laughed from beginning to end. We were in complete stitches all day and spent most of the following day grinning like a pair of idiots as well. It was just one of those weddings that I ended up with so many favourites from, I know it will feature heavily come my Best Of 2013 blog post.

Honnington Farm Gardens is a beautiful place to be married and when the sun is beating down like it was on this day there are few better places in Kent to be married. I always say this but it’s worth saying again: Weddings are about the people. When you’re surrounded by so much love and energy then you can’t fail to have an amazing day whatever happens. Kathryn and Adam had just that and their family and friends made us feel incredibly welcome and have been really kind ever since.

I don’t want to say too much more really, I’d just like to let the pictures do the talking. But I will point out three final things. 1) Horses are funny, 2) Home made Gin is awesome, 3) Guests invading the stage to snatch the microphone away from the singer will always, always make me laugh. Enjoy everyone and congratulations to Kathryn and Adam.

Jackson & Co Photography | Honnington Farm Gardens Wedding

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