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St Pauls Cathedral Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography

Weddings at St Pauls Cathedral are pretty rare, very special and something that I’ve only had the opportunity to do twice in ten years. So when Harriet & Tyler reached out to me to shoot their wedding it was never going to be something that I’d pass up on, never in a million years!

The fact that their wedding day turned out to be quite so special is just a beautiful bonus. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot about five weddings now in this circle of friends and every time I get to go back and join them it’s such a laugh and everyone straight away gets into the rhythm of things and is relaxed and happy to just do their thing and let me do mine. It all just clicks and happens and it’s magic for me as a photographer.

St Pauls is tricky. With all of the history of country and Empire come some pretty tight restrictions, such as very very limited photography inside and none during the ceremony itself. Fortunately, whether it was a little generosity due to the Covid rules at the time or something else the verger was incredibly kind and gave me literally just a few minutes upstairs to take a little walk around and make some frames before the doors opened. Im unlikely to ever get an opportunity like that again and I was pinching myself all the way home that day.

If you’re planning a London wedding then I’d love to hear from you. I’ve got a couple of Autumn dates still available for next year and then going into 2023 Hannah and I will be limiting our bookings a little more than in previous years. We’re dropping from nearly 50 this year, to more like 25 to get a better family/work balance.

Back to the wedding, dive in and take a walk through Harriet & Tylers incredible St Pauls Cathedral Wedding…

Big thanks to all the suppliers…

Hair: Elevate Bridal
Makeup: Kristina Gasperas Makeup
Floristry: Augusta Florals
Cake: Rachelles

St Pauls Cathedral Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography

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