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Harley & Kevin

Hey there! This is a special page for Harley & Kevin and their family and friends to see the Highlights Slideshow, to check out the Full Collection in all it’s glory, and we’ve also packed in a couple of great limited time discounts that we thought you all might like on Prints & Albums.

Make sure to send this page on to everyone and to share the love as much as you’d like.

We love them, we hope you love them even more!

Mj & Hannah



These gorgeous photos don’t deserve to be seen on iPhone screens or to languish on USB drives at the bottom of a dusty drawer forever.

Get them printed. Get them framed. Get them hung on your wall!

To help you get started with that here’s an awesome 50% discount code valid for the next two weeks: Use THANKYOU at the checkout.

Thinking About A Wedding Album?

Order before 01/8/2019 for £100 discount on the below prices.

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to wedding albums, ultimately you want them to last for generations. There’s a gazillion options out there on the internet but there really aren’t many better than what we offer, the quality is just unbelievable.

Gorgeous leathers, archival papers & linens, Fujifilm paper printing, durable album binding, all handmade from start to finish.

The design is super easy. Simply Favourite the required amount of photos from your collection for your chosen album and I will begin the design and email you a link to the draft mockup for you to make a single round of adjustments.

Once this is done they take around 4 weeks to be manufactured, we’ll check them over to make sure they’re perfect and ship them on to you to enjoy.

Option 1

  • 10×10 in Album
  • Up to 75 Photos
  • Leather & Cotton Covers
  • Names & Date Debossed On Cover
  • 25 Spreads

Option 2

  • 10×10 in Album
  • Up to 125 Photos
  • Leather & Cotton Covers
  • Names & Date Debossed On Cover
  • 35 Spreads

Option 3

  • 10×10 in Album + x2 6×6 Parent Replica Albums
  • Up to 150 Photos
  • Leather & Cotton Covers
  • Names & Date Debossed On Cover
  • 40 Spreads