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So here it is, the final wedding of 2016 on the blog. Each time we shoot at Fetcham Park we fall in love with it just that little bit more. We were due to shoot a wedding at Fetcham Park this time last year, but George arrived a little earlier than planned and we had to send in the troops to shoot it for us instead.

So this felt like a really special occasion for us, a chance to shoot a Christmas wedding in a wonderfully elegant venue with dramatic touches and glowing lights throughout. Charlotte & Reiss didn’t disappoint, they styled an incredible day. Sharp suits, elegant dresses, killer shoes and refined table decorations. Weddings like these are an absolute joy to shoot.

Add into the mix the fact that Charlotte & Reiss are two of the funniest, larger than life type characters we’ve ever come across and we had a recipe for a wedding to remember. Every minute of the day there seemed to be a booming belly laugh from a room somewhere, a raucous cheer, the clink of champagne glasses and every now and again a roaring burst of song from one of the guys (not always in tune it’s got to be said, but good enough to make me chuckle).

Winter weddings photographically are a completely different challenge to a summer wedding. The days are shorter, the light often either more intense but fleeting or it can be like someone just turned the dimmer switch down on the world a few clicks.

Days like this require confidence and a little experience. Not every shot or lighting setup is going to work as you imagined in your head so it’s important to be able to react and adjust your plans as you go in seconds. Shooting winter weddings is genuinely something that we relish and true enjoy. They have a slightly different look occasionally due to the use of more flash lights than we would use in the summer but can often provide a really lovely opportunity to create rich, dramatic photographs that really burst off the paper when printed.

As ever, Im doing my best not to waffle on and spoil your enjoyment of the photos, they should tell the story without me having to describe every detail. Although it’s a few weeks since Christmas I’d suggest making some kind of hot drink (mulled wine?) and reaching right to the back of the cupboard where you know that last Mince Pie is hiding, nestle into that cosy armchair and enjoy the photos below.

Fetcham Park Wedding Photographer | Jackson & Co Photography

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