Last but by no means least on the blog this afternoon are Elspeth & Hugo who got married in their local church and then held a beautiful reception in the garden on Elspeth’s parents home just outside of Tunbridge Wells yesterday. As a Kent Wedding Photographer I get to photograph all kinds of great local venues and yet if I’m really really honest, these celebrations in marquees and Tipis at home are some of my favourite weddings to photograph.Bear-tophat

There’s something fantastically romantic and sentimental about getting married and celebrating in the home that you’ve grown up in and have so many memories from years gone by. It also means that everyone else feels very much at home and are relaxed right from the outset. It also means that (providing that you invite the neighbours) you can turn the music up as loud as you like and dance the night away without a care.

Elspeth looked absolutely beautiful and was a dream to photograph, completely carefree, happy to go with the flow and not to get stressed at all. Above all else both of them were just happy to just relax and have fun all day. We reigned her in at times when she wanted to roll down the hill in the wheat field in her dress but she was just awesome, it’s hard to contain that kind of enthusiasm! Watching both her and Hugo dance the night away with each others parents was a brilliant sight and capped off a truly great weekend for us.

Here are a few previews as they head off on honeymoon. Enjoy!

Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-1Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-2Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-3Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-4Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-5Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-1-2Elspeth & Hugo | Kent Wedding Photographer-7

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