This Saturday I got to spend the day with this gorgeous pair. As a photographer every single wedding you photograph is very very special. But to be the photographer at a Civil Partnership with just three guests along with me made me feel both very honoured and incredibly humble. 

I arrived at literally the crack of dawn and was welcomed in with open arms. Before I knew it I was gulping down delicious French coffee and being offered amazing croissants delivered by the local Patisserie at 6am that morning. In-cred-ible.

Chelsea and Westminster Registry Office is a stunning building which sees hundreds of couples through it’s beautiful doorway every year. But on Saturday it got to open it’s doors for these two along with a proud Mum, a proud Auntie and a particularly giddy best friend as special guests. Tears flowed like a river that had burst it’s banks, and that was just me.

As a Civil Partnership Photographer there is something especially emotional about seeing two people who have been through so much, and in this case travelled the world and followed each other around the globe to be with one another, stand up in front of the people they love and celebrate their love for one another. It’s overwhelming and completely brilliant in every way.

I’ll tell you their story another day and for now leave them alone to enjoy their honeymoon. But for now here is a small handful of previews of an especially amazing day. Lots of croissants, two incredible and beautiful brides, two equally cool dogs, a champagne cork that nearly took my eye out, a Big Top and one rather teary photographer. Enjoy.

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