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Last week we met up with Christina and Andre for their Engagement Shoot At Virginia Water and were treated to some of the very best, delicious, golden light that Hannah and I have had to work with in ages.

Combined that light with the fact that these guys were so happy to be close, so full of laughter and had complete trust in us whatever we asked of them we really couldn’t have asked for any more. We’d never been to Virginia Water before but it’s a lovely place for an engagement shoot, the lake itself is enormous and the light reflects off of it wonderfully at sunset which is great fun for silhouettes and colours like the photo above. Venture a little further and their are trees covered in blossom, little patches of towering woodland with pine cones (and needles as I found out, quite painfully) scattered over the floor.

Christina and Andre get married a little later this summer and we genuinely can’t wait, it just can’t come quick enough!

Jackson & Co Photography | Engagement Shoot At Virginia Water

Christina & Andre | Virginia Water Engagement Shoot-20Christina & Andre | Virginia Water Engagement Shoot-27Christina & Andre | Virginia Water Engagement Shoot-33Christina & Andre | Virginia Water Engagement Shoot-41Christina & Andre | Virginia Water Engagement Shoot-45Christina & Andre | Virginia Water Engagement Shoot-47

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  1. Such amazing and beautiful light! Beautifully shot and shows the personalities of the couple so well – looks like it’s going to be an amazing wedding :)


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