As a Chiswick House Wedding Photographer it’s a given that you’re going to get to photograph and incredible venue, in a stunning location with gorgeous interiors and loft ceilings. It’s guaranteed  to impress you. What’s not so certain are things like the good old english weather. So when I arrived at Annelie’s home around the corner from Chiswick House on a gloriously sunny August day I knew that it was all lining up perfectly.

Annelie and Dale are a ridiculously gorgeous couple who put together what was to be an effortlessly stylish wedding, with the ceremony being held at Chiswick house and then the reception at their favourite restaurant Pissarro two minutes walk away from where they live. Beautiful bell jar candles adorned the tables with stunning floral decorations in the corners of the room alongside the grape vines hanging down from the beams in the conservatory, it really is a gorgeous place to have a wedding reception.

Annelie and Dale are off travelling around my favourite place on earth now, California, and Yosemite in particular so this is just a little look at their day but I will blog much more later this year. Have a wonderful honeymoon guys!

Jackson & Co Photography | Chiswick House Wedding Photographer

Jackson & Co Photography | Chiswick House Wedding Photographer

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