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Clapton Country Club Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography

How do you begin to describe two people like Cathy & Charles or even scratch the surface let alone do justice to their Clapton Country Club Wedding? I’m not much of a writer so I’ve no clue, I really hope the photos do this one justice.

All I will say is that this wedding was a hand grenade of confetti that we were picking the bits out the back of our shirts for weeks after. It stayed with us. It was ringing in our ears!

I’m not sure I’ve ever been on a dancefloor quite so intense. Cathy & Charles pretty much dispensed with all tradition right from the off and the party just naturally happened without any big first dance or showpiece. Then it grew, and got louder, and then a bit louder still until the two of them were launching around in the air, upside down, sweat pouring, beer spilling, hair all over the place and. It. Was. GLORIOUS!

Enough waffle, this is one for the couples reading this that want to do things their own way. Enjoy!

Clapton Country Club Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography

Cathy & Charles-11 Cathy & Charles-14 Cathy & Charles-19 Cathy & Charles-202021-12-16_0016 Cathy & Charles-44 Cathy & Charles-50 Cathy & Charles-59 Cathy & Charles-62 Cathy & Charles-64 Cathy & Charles-88 Cathy & Charles-93Cathy & Charles-35 Cathy & Charles-33 Cathy & Charles-56 Cathy & Charles-68 Cathy & Charles-80 Cathy & Charles-85Cathy & Charles-81 Cathy & Charles-99 Cathy & Charles-107 Cathy & Charles-108 Cathy & Charles-115 Cathy & Charles-118 Cathy & Charles-124 Cathy & Charles-130Cathy & Charles-126 Cathy & Charles-143 Cathy & Charles-155 Cathy & Charles-1772021-12-16_0017 Cathy & Charles-196 Cathy & Charles-198 Cathy & Charles-209 Cathy & Charles-213 Cathy & Charles-234 Cathy & Charles-272 Cathy & Charles-281 Cathy & Charles-286 Cathy & Charles-301 Cathy & Charles-304 Cathy & Charles-306 Cathy & Charles-310 Cathy & Charles-3142021-12-16_0018 Cathy & Charles-3452021-12-16_0019 Cathy & Charles-403 Cathy & Charles-444 Cathy & Charles-450 Cathy & Charles-465 Cathy & Charles-467 Cathy & Charles-524 Cathy & Charles-527 Cathy & Charles-548 Cathy & Charles-561 Cathy & Charles-562 Cathy & Charles-563 Cathy & Charles-581 Cathy & Charles-601 Cathy & Charles-618 Cathy & Charles-625 Cathy & Charles-628 Cathy & Charles-635 Cathy & Charles-649 Cathy & Charles-665 Cathy & Charles-695 Cathy & Charles-702 Cathy & Charles-704 Cathy & Charles-706 Cathy & Charles-709 Cathy & Charles-713 Cathy & Charles-718 Cathy & Charles-728 Cathy & Charles-735 Cathy & Charles-770 Cathy & Charles-776 Cathy & Charles-782 Cathy & Charles-783 Cathy & Charles-785

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