Yurt Wedding

Sasha & Tom | Yurt Wedding At Home

What better way to launch our shiny new website than by bringing you bang up to date with one of our very latest weddings and a look at Sasha and Tom's wonderful Yurt Wedding At Home in Surrey last weekend.  I love the vibe of a Yurt Wedding At Home, the nostalgia and sentiment that goes into them and as a good friend of mine would laugh at me for saying, they're just so homely! We've been lucky enough to shoot several...

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Amanprit & James | Elmore Court Wedding Photographer

Some weddings just resonate with you and tick all your boxes and this one is going to stay with me forever I think. It was my first time as an Elmore Court Wedding Photographer for Amanprit & James's truly touching celebration yesterday and I couldn't wait any longer to share some previews with you all. Amanprit & James are two of the kindest and most amazing people that I've ever had the pleasure to photograph. The best thing about this job...

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Notting Hill Wedding Photographer

Lana & Anwar | Wedding In Notting Hill

Saturday was a first for me, my first wedding in Notting Hill, my first Islamic Wedding, my first time shooting a wedding at Camden Town Hall and what an amazing day it was. We've shot a lot of weddings over the past few years in a range of different lighting and weather conditions and that collective experience really came to our aid later in the day. The Tabernacle in Notting Hill is an absolutely wonderful venue with heaps of atmosphere...

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Southend Barns Wedding Photographer

Vicki & Mike | Southend Barns Wedding Photographer

A lightening quick blog post for you tonight and a very quick look at Vicki & Mike's fantastic wedding at Southend Barns from last week. As always this is just a whistlestop tour through their day and more will be heading to the blog soon. This is the second time I've shot at Southend Barns and it really is a terrific venue. The staff are amazing and the setup there is absolutely perfect. Plus, it's got Alpacas out the back and...

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Festival Style Wedding

Alex & Andrew | Rustic DIY Wedding In Sussex

If ever there was a wedding that encapsulates the fact that a good wedding is made from good people it's Alex & Andrews. They held their Rustic DIY Wedding In Sussex at the beautiful Tythe Barn in Sullington. In the days running up to the wedding day they spent time hand crafting everything from the bar made from old pallets to the strings of bunting and metres and metres of festoon lighting. Come the wedding day they were surrounded by...

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Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photography

Bee & Mike | Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photographer

The best thing about summer coming to an end is that it means Autumn is here and as a photographer the evening light just gets more and more intense and all the more glorious for it. This was my second time this year as an Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photographer and I've fallen a little in love with the venue, the food, the staff and the beautiful setting of this gorgeous barn nestled amongst the South Downs are all beyond description. Under the...

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Froyle Park Wedding Photography

Leeann & Liam | Froyle Park Wedding Photographer

Last weekend we began our mega weekend of weddings with the stunningly beautiful Leeann and Liam's wedding and my first time as a Froyle Park Wedding Photographer. Froyle Park is a fairly new wedding venue and absolutely stunning with beautiful reception rooms and incredible chandeliers all throughout. These guys were just too cool, so cuddly and funny and their day was jam packed with humour and highlights all day. Especially memorable were the singing waiters who took everyone, including me, completely by...

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Wedding At Greenwich Naval College

Candy & Ryan | Wedding At Greenwich Naval College

Seriously, this one is still sinking in. Right from the start I should say that these are simply previews, there are hundreds more frames to be delivered yet and to make their way on to the blog over the winter. It was just hard to narrow it down to my favourites for this short blog post. Candy & Ryan got married in spectacular style on Saturday. Their Wedding At Greenwich Naval College had many many parts each more incredible than...

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