wedding photographer in sheffield

Up In The Hills | Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

At the weekend this Yorkshire wedding photographer hopped in the car and trundled up to the hills behind Sheffield to meet my good mate and brilliant photographer Jon Dennis from S6 Photography for the first of a small handful of workshops that he's running. I also got to meet a couple of other excellent photographers in Nicola Thompson Photography and Gary Edwards and hang out with the rather awesome Matt Brown Photography and his lovely wife Lisa. A great day, a...

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bright colourful portrait on a pre wedding shoot in London

Annelie & Dale | London Wedding Photographer

We love Annelie & Dale, their Pre Wedding shoot in London was much more like a stroll along the river with a couple of new friends than anything else. The weather was cold, the sun was shining and it was a pretty perfect Saturday afternoon and this London wedding photographer had a ball! We wandered along the river looking at all of the canoes and boats launching off of the jetties and swishing up and down the river before some helpful...

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2012 | A Year In The Life… | Kent Wedding Photographer

Deep breath. Wow, what a year its been. Relocating - Goodbye York, Hello Tunbridge Wells and becoming a Kent Wedding Photographer. A new home, reaquainting with old friends and making some brilliant new ones along the way and being so much closer to my family has been all and more that we hoped it would be. Hannah and I have achieved more this year together than any other year that's gone before. Michael Jackson | Kent Wedding Photographer We've had so many...

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christ church spitalfields london pew portraits

Jarrod & Shikiko | Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding

I first met Jarrod & Shikiko for a coffee in the middle of Spitalfields Market in London we chatted about how they'd met, their plans for their Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel Wedding and it was obvious to see that they had put so much care and attention into making sure that both of their families and especially those travelling all the way from Japan got to see the London that they love. Being a Documentary Wedding Photographer is a...

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wedding photography in malcesine

Sean & Mel | Lake Garda Wedding Photographer

As I stir my Macchiato and dunk my little almond biscuit in it again I realise that Im sat here in this cute little square at a tiny little table with an enormous grin plastered across my face. It also dawns on me that Im sure to pretty much everyone around here I look like either a complete lunatic or someone who likes almond biscuits waaaay too much. I've got ahead of myself and started at the end so let...

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the night before the big wedding in lake garda

Sean & Mel | Lake Garda Wedding Photographer | Pt 1

Photographing Destination Weddings is amazing and one of the huge perks of what is already a pretty fantastic job. Sitting in Birmingham in the rain one Sunday afternoon with Sean and Mel I had a pretty cool feeling about them as a couple and that they would be awesome to work with and to photograph. However, when they initially asked me to be their Lake Garda Wedding Photographer I had no idea just how cool it was going to turn...

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