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Absolutely awesome awesome awesome. Not sure who Laura loves more at the moment you two or me! Think you’re edging it.

 – Luke

So it’s Monday morning and we are broken, absolutely broken, I blame Luke & Laura for a large part of that! Luke & Laura held their Bilsington Priory Wedding on Saturday and it was just beautiful.Bear-summer

Bilsington Priory is a real hidden gem in the Kent countryside and the perfect setting for their festival flavoured wedding. I’ve never been here before and loved every minute of it, it’s a really incredible place to photograph a wedding. From the priory itself with it’s high ceilings and window light pouring in, the names of previous couples, residents and guests etched into he sandstone walls and then the rolling fields looking out for miles and miles it’s something really special.

Luke & Laura share so many of the same friends as us and it seems ridiculous to think that until recently our paths had never crossed. The best thing I can say about this wedding is that it felt very much like photographing close friends and it was a joy to be there all day. To see Luke take to the stage guitar in hand and a swarm of people bouncing up and down all around him as the evening drew to a very noisy crescendo left both Hannah and I grinning from ear to ear all the way home.

These are just previews as they head off on honeymoon. To Luke & Laura, you were awesome, enjoy these, there’s a heck of a lot more to come!

Jackson & Co Photography | Bilsington Priory Wedding

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