Faye & Mark-215Ashridge House Wedding  |  Jackson & Co Photography

What a week it’s been huh? Good news, positivity and a  roadmap that sets out what the next few months are going to look like. We all know it’s not 100% set in stone and that things might shift a little but hey, how good is it to see the fog lifting a little and to see the sunlight coming through again?

My last day out with the camera in 2020 was with Faye & Mark (+ their awesome little guy Stanley) for their Ashridge House Wedding. An absolute masterclass in how to look for the good in things, the restrictions were there and stuck to, but they far from defined their day. Quite the opposite, the became almost irrelevant in the face of the warmth and love that radiated from Faye, Mark and their close family and friends that spent the day with them.

Ashridge House provided the perfect spot for the ceremony with their Orangery giving us all the light and tones we could ever want. There was gorgeous styling and intricate touches (I’ll link to the suppliers at the bottom in a moment), drinks, an amazing dress and a sharp suit, a stunning meal and great speeches plus a little sparkle to end the evening. All of this alongside a couple with a sense of adventure who wanted to go wandering in the woods and create a handful of portraits that they would love.

If this is what weddings do look like between now and early summer then that’s completely fine with me.

Big round of applause to all of the suppliers involved, give their Insta handles a click and give them a Follow:

Hair @tiffanyrosehair

MUA @ambercampionbeauty

Floristry @sorchaherbert.flowers

Venue @ashridgehouse

Dress @jennypackhambridal

Veil @brides_of_berko

Tailoring @asos

Ashridge House Wedding  |  Jackson & Co Photography

Faye & Mark-1 Faye & Mark-2 Faye & Mark-13Faye & Mark-10 Faye & Mark-18 Faye & Mark-24 Faye & Mark-32 Faye & Mark-42 Faye & Mark-46 Faye & Mark-51 Faye & Mark-52 Faye & Mark-53 Faye & Mark-55 Faye & Mark-57 Faye & Mark-62Faye & Mark-68 Faye & Mark-69 Faye & Mark-74 Faye & Mark-83 Faye & Mark-84 Faye & Mark-90 Faye & Mark-93 Faye & Mark-95 Faye & Mark-101 Faye & Mark-113 Faye & Mark-116 Faye & Mark-118 Faye & Mark-123 Faye & Mark-126 Faye & Mark-175 Faye & Mark-183 Faye & Mark-201 Faye & Mark-204 Faye & Mark-207 Faye & Mark-214 Faye & Mark-215 Faye & Mark-219 Faye & Mark-228 Faye & Mark-239 Faye & Mark-248 Faye & Mark-251 Faye & Mark-252 Faye & Mark-253 Faye & Mark-257

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