Whitstable Pre Wedding Shoot

It’s the very height of summer and things are a little bonkers right now, we have four weddings this week alone! There’s going to be lots of full wedding blogs going online later this summer/autumn (give myself a bit of wriggle room there) but I found a little time to throw together a few frames from Amy & Alasdair’s Whitstable Pre Wedding Shoot last weekend.

These sessions are wonderful and a perfect opportunity to get glammed and cuddled up and this very brief and special window in time just before you get married. If you’re unsure of having your photo taken or the nerves have taken hold (all very normal!) then they can be an even better chance to get used to the camera and shake it off before the big day. Everyone feels a little anxious beforehand but I guarantee everyone feels better at the end of the session.

I had some sunset light shipped in to order to Whitstable and the three of us just took a relaxed stroll around the beaches and harbours exploring the old huts and boatyards. I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding in a few short weeks now it can’t come soon enough. For now, here’s a generous handful of photos from our evening together before we decided to go for a drink and a bag of chips.

Jackson & Co Photography | Whitstable Pre Wedding Shoot
Whitstable Pre Wedding ShootWhitstable Pre Wedding ShootWhitstable Pre Wedding ShootWhitstable Pre Wedding ShootWhitstable Pre Wedding Shoot

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