Wedding Albums are special. They’re a lot more than just an expensive book. They’re the things that as kids we all looked through at our grandparents houses, laughing at the flared trousers and daft moustaches, smiling at how young our parents looked, fondly remembering loved ones who are no longer around and holding it gently as if the paper might disintegrate to dust under your very touch. You treated them with this much care because you knew deep down that this was something really special, something that has passed down through generations. QT Wedding AlbumsQT Wedding AlbumsQT Wedding Albums

They are a precious, save if the house in on fire, kind of item. An heirloom, something to be cherished by yourselves now and for years to come and crucially by generations of your family in future years and are a beautiful and timeless investment that you’ll never regret.

The old adage rings true; you do genuinely get what you pay for. I could offer cheaper alternatives but I can’t offer better. Fine leathers shipped from Italy // Archival papers & book cloth // Exceptional fuji paper printing // Durable flush-mount album binding // Handmade from start to finish. These are the best of the best and your first family heirloom that will last for generations to come.

QT Wedding AlbumsWithout wanting to sound too old beyond my years, we live in a crazy, whirlwind digital world full of selfies on Instagram, pictures of your friends and family on Facebook. Todays photos live on your phone, often never to be printed. Buying a Wedding Album is a bit different, it’s a printed record of the best day of your lives and it will live long after your photos on Facebook have been wiped from a hard drive, and all of those photos that live on your iPad have evaporated into some digital cloud never to be seen again.

Albums start from 20 spreads (40 pages) and lay flat meaning you can print across the page. Take a look at the options below and tick the appropriate boxes once you’ve decided which album you would like

QT Wedding Albums
Each album comes in a natural cotton bag and a cardboard presentation box to keep it clean and safe. It takes around six weeks to print and bind these albums and once we have received it back here at Jackson & Co HQ, Hannah and I will check it over and make sure it’s completely perfect before putting a big ribbon on it and couriering it to you.

To start the process of just fill in the form below and then select around 80-100 photos from your online gallery and then let me know, we can then book in a Skype call where we will screen share and I will design your album for you during that session (it should take no more than an hour), after that, we’ll send it off to be handmade for you. If Skyping is inconvenient we can do an online proof for you but this just takes slightly longer going back and forth.

If you’ve got any questions at all just get in touch at [email protected]

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