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Yeah I know, I said I'd blog more regularly and here I am pulling together the first collection since last years review of 2022. I'm sure there's a saying about the quiet ones or a Swan paddling furiously beneath the pond. Well I'm not as graceful as that, but there's a bit of truth in it. Hannah and I have had our head down, eyes up, cameras in hand since the start of the year and have rarely stopped to take track of where we are until now.

Some years are full of firsts for us, the first visit to a venue, a type of celebration, new people, new suppliers new places. Some years are familiar and warm and full of joy going back to places we'd visited before, catching up with old friends and suppliers and generally feeling like part of the team.

2023 has been one of those and it's been genuinely wonderful, we've been made to feel at home at Preston Court, Elmley Nature Reserve, The Bell In Ticehurst, Clapton Country Club and shot alongside talented suppliers like videographers Mac Videography and Fox Films. We've also worked repeatedly alongside friends like Nicci & Sophie at Home Gurr'own and Will & Becca at Fern & Farrow so have been in good company all year.

Comfort zones get a bad rep, but knowing that the people around you are going to be organised and capable and the day is going to run smoothly has let us totally relax into the wedding days and do what we do without pressure.

We've been shooting since 2012 now and when all of the elements come together like they have this year then it really is a joy to be in amongst 100 or so people laughing their heads off in celebration and feel like you're absolutely in the groove of the day without overthinking things too much.

In fact the longer we do this for (and I still feel like we're just getting started) the less I want to explain the photos, the thought behind them or the creative vision and just let them land. Hopefully, they resonate and draw a smile as if these people were loved ones of your own, that's the biggest thing we're shooting for.

I waffled on too long last year, and posted too many photos in one collection so this is my attempt to remedy that and Im going to stop typing and let the photos below tell their own story.

To every single couple, their friends and family that have made us a part of a hugely special day: thank you. Your trust honestly never gets taken for granted and Hannah and I get to keep turning up day after day to be welcomed with a smile and simply to be told "just do your thing" which is magic for us. Thank you.

As I'm writing this we have 27 weddings booked for next year and are planning on taking 30 (it'll probably be 35) so if these photos below give you that happy feeling then we'd absolutely love to hear from you.

Here's to 2024 and more magic...

Kent Wedding Photographer | Jackson & Co Photography

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