2022 | 10 Years Young.

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Right, fair warning on this one, it's a long one. If there's an answer to the question "how many pictures is too many in an end of year wrap up" this will probably answer it. But hey, Ill allow myself a little indulgence because Hannah and I only get to post like this once a year and frankly given our woefully low blog posting rate (We even forgot to do this last year but you can see 2019 and 2020 here and here) and slap dash social media presence, this is a lovely tool to bring together all of the frames that we love in one place and if it takes a tea break half way through to get to the bottom, then so be it, go pop the kettle on!

2022 was kind to us, we say that every year, but genuinely this year was a treat. On the way home from pretty much every wedding this year Hannah and I (or to myself) muttered something about "Can you believe we've been doing this 10 years now!?" and probably more importantly "It's still great isn't it?!".

When we scribbled down what we wanted this company to be back in 2012 I doubt very much it was ever the plan for it to look like this, we never aimed that high in truth. But year on year, the business has gently grown and if we've learned anything at all it's that good things take time and you can't rush things, there's no short cuts to experience and in turn the benefit of that experience is that when we arrive on the morning of a wedding we can just chill. There's no panic over timelines, no nervousness, nor is there some stifled artists desire to do something edgy or to impose ourselves on the wedding day. We can just pull up the cameras, chat and click away, working our way into the good light and the moments that matter with a quiet confidence.

Its just good fun, I love it that week in week out we get to stand a few feet away from two people making these enormous promises to one another, it's a joy to be a little part of. It should go without saying but it doesn't, Hannah and I love this so called job and the energy and passion for it isn't fading in the slightest.

At the risk of this sounding like an Oscars speech, being a part of wedding days like these isn't a solo endeavour so a huge shoutout to all of the phenomenal suppliers that work their socks off to make sure our couples have the day of their lives. A lot of the venues we've been lucky enough to work with over and over again through the years have become friends and we really can't thank venues like The Bell In Ticehurst, Elmley Nature Reserve, Preston Court and Wiltons Music Hall for making us feel so welcome each time.

So there you go, we're 10 years young, here's to the next 10 and this is what 2022 looked like through our lens. We hope you love it, if you do and you'd like us to be a part of your own day then the chances are we'll want to be a part of it too, reach out and let's get on the phone soon. Enjoy. Mj & Hannah x

Jackson & Co Photography | Kent Wedding Photographer

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