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Deep breath. Wow, what a year its been. Relocating – Goodbye York, Hello Tunbridge Wells and becoming a Kent Wedding Photographer. A new home, reaquainting with old friends and making some brilliant new ones along the way and being so much closer to my family has been all and more that we hoped it would be. Hannah and I have achieved more this year together than any other year that’s gone before.

Michael Jackson | Kent Wedding Photographer

We’ve had so many highlights its hard to list them but I’ll try. Making our old home as beautiful as it could be and selling it, my wife Hannah getting a great new job, finding a new home and making it ours, settling the cats in (it’s a small thing but they’re pretty cranky a lot of the time), being “Yes” people and really throwing ourselves into the spirit of the Jubilee and the Olympics, strolling through the wintery streets of Paris, Hannah’s carrot cake, days out in London (especially our day out at the Natural History museum), cupcakes at the Humingbird bakery, long comical conversations on Skype across the Atlantic and one enormous logistically miraculous early Christmas dinner stick in my mind.

So many of my high points have been at weddings but its the really little things that maybe people have forgotten that still make me grin. Dancing at a wedding reception with macaroons in each hand, living rooms turned into football changing rooms for Groom prep, driving through muddy cornfields in a Land Rover with a Bride and Groom, John Deere tractors, fireworks, diamante Cat ears, the worlds most amazing vegetarian curry buffet, gazing up at the ceiling of One Great George Street in awe, smoking cigars in the early hours, sprinting up Italian Castle steps to the rooftop and watching the sun sink over Cathedrals, I love this job, it makes me smile.

And the biggest highlight of all? Jackson & Co Photography was born. My own long held dream has finally been realised and Im now a Kent Wedding Photographer, good times. To be able to be a part of so many incredible weddings with so many fantastic couples has been exciting, humbling and most of the time frankly quite jaw dropping. From photographing Kent weddings in beautiful countryside barns to photographing vibrant Asian London Weddings it’s been a truly amazing year.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it and who has helped us to make it happen. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be looking back at a year which has been so good but to be looking forward to the next year just as much if not more.

Next year is going to be incredibly busy and will be taking me to even more stunning venues and working with so many more brilliantly enthusiastic couples. Ultimately its you the couples that make it so special, the nerves, the giggling, that sly tear that you thought no one saw as you wiped it away, the wringing of your hands as you wait for the big moment and the good old fashioned beaming smile as you see your fiancé for the first time on the day of your wedding. You have all this to look forward to and so do I. I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone, eat, drink and be merry. I’ll see you in 2013!

Jackson & Co Photography | Kent Wedding Photographer

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  1. Congratulations to you Michael a wonderful look back on a very successdul 2012! Wishing you and Hannah every happiness and success in 2013!



    PS Make sure you buy your dad that Lee Filter Wide Angle Adaptor that he needs for Christmas! LOL! ;o)


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