Crete Wedding Photographers

Polly & Ismail | Crete Wedding Photographer

It feels like we've only really just touched back down in the UK but I wanted to share a few frames from Polly & Ismails wedding with you as soon as I could. My first time as a Crete Wedding Photographer and an experience that I'll never ever forget. These guys are two of the most humble, sweetest and most honest people that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and to be a part of their day was a complete honour....

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rain on my wedding day

What Do We Do If It Rains On Our Wedding Day?

So we live in the UK, the weather can be glorious and it can pretty soggy too, most of all, it's just completely unpredictable. Last year we had some of the best light we'd seen all year in December and one of the dampest days in the middle of July, there's just no way to second guess Mother Nature. It's pretty reasonable to ask yourself What Do We Do If It Rains On Our Wedding Day? Above all else you just...

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Jodie & Sam | Lake Garda Wedding Photography | Jackson & Co Photography-22

Jodie & Sam | Lake Garda Wedding Photographer

  Sat here on the sofa typing away surrounded by my cameras, lenses and bags scattered all over the floor it's fair to say I'm a bit tired. It's crazy just how much fun I've had this past few days and I'm still trying to get my head around it all. Having been to Lake Garda three times now I feel like I know the place really well but it just never ceases to amaze me. Being a Lake Garda Wedding...

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Warbrook House Wedding Photographer

Emily & Colin | Warbrook House Wedding

This weekend our job as wedding photographers went up a notch as Hannah and I were privileged to photograph some truly great friends of ours for their Warbrook House Wedding. We've never photographed a friends wedding before so I'll admit to feeling a complete mix of excitement, nerves, responsibility and a bit teary as well. Maybe it was seeing Emily welling up in the morning, maybe it was the enormous grin on Colins face all day long or maybe it was...

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St Pancras Hotel Wedding Photographer

Jenny & Ben | Wedding At St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Yesterday looked a bit like this for me. It was chaotic at times for both Jenny & Ben along with all of their guests but it was completely worth it. Having your wedding at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is a pretty chic and glamorous affair. It's jaw dropping from the outside and only continues to get better and better when you get through those huge glass doors. Surrounded by a hundred or so guests and a particularly well dressed choir Jenny and Ben...

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Kent Wedding Photography

Catch Your Breath | Kent Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I shared a very different photograph from Julia and Martin's wedding on Saturday, it was my first time back behind the lens for a couple of months and it made me realise just how much fun this job is and why it's so important to get it right. Although my approach is all about characters, fun and emotion I don't believe in relying completely on spontaneity. Being as discreet as possible throughout the day will help to get the vast majority...

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Fun Wedding Photography

Story Frame | Fun Wedding Photographer

This weekend was my first time behind the lens for a wedding since Laura & Darren's winter wedding in January. Although it's only been a couple of months I've really missed it and it reminded me of just how fun this job is and how lucky I am. It's just so much fun being a wedding photographer and I try my best to see and photograph all of that humour and love that is flying around on your wedding day...

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Best Wedding Photographer 2013

This Year: Part Three | Best Wedding Photographs 2013

[ylwm_vimeo height="534" width="825"]82505428[/ylwm_vimeo] So here we are. Christmas Eve. I've already shown you Part One and Part Two of our round up of our Best Wedding Photographs of 2013 but here it is, the third and final installment. I hope presenting this in little bite sized chunks has kept you entertained and looking forward to the next chapter. I've certainly loved looking back through some of the highlights of this year, whether it's been weddings, engagement shoots or a little...

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