hand painting and indian robes at the wedding at offley place

Offley Place Wedding Photography

I’ve been so fortunate to photograph a number of Asian Weddings this year but this was certainly the most colourful wedding of the year by a country mile! I love it when you pull up to a venue in the morning and the first thing you see are staff rushing in and our carrying boxes of goodness knows what but the atmosphere is great and its starting to buzz before I’ve even climbed out of the car!

As a very quick overview this day saw a civil ceremony at Offley Place in Hertfordshire.followed by a traditional Indian service complete with a pretty amazing transformation half way through from White dress and Morning suits to full Indian dress and robes. I would happily photograph Indian and Asian weddings every week as they’re are just crammed full of so much colour it’s incredible. But that doesn’t really do it justice so let me tell you more…..

Jackson & Co Photography | Offley Place Wedding Photography

These two had one of the most full on days I’ve ever been to. Deciding that they didn’t want to have several days of celebrations, instead they decided to hold all of the different elements in one huge wedding over the course of one day. This might have been too much for some couples but these guys breezed it. The day begun with a very small and intimate ceremony for the groom surrounded by his closed family, this is a very quiet and relaxed ceremony and really touching. Although I’ve shot a number of Asian Weddings in Kent I still find it culturally really interesting to see how things are done and I think this is part leads to great photos – it’s all about being genuinely interested and curiosity!

The greenhouse at Offley Place spills out onto acres of lawns and as the guests arrived they were greeted with drinks, so many seemed to have travelled from far and wide and I know that lots of people were seeing each other for the first time in years. As a documentary wedding photographer these are golden moments and its priceless to capture these genuine reactions as they happen. It’s my favourite part of this job!

Just before the civil ceremony began Remesh took a moment with the Hindu priest to calm his nerves, it was one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever seen at a wedding and still remains one of my favourite photographs from 2012.

The Hindu ceremony is beautiful, if I could photograph one every month I think I would. There is something about seeing both the bride and groom being separately given away and then welcomed into each family that touches me every time. Not to mention the sheer amount of colour and texture on show in the robes and decorations, it’s an amazing experience and one that I hope I have many many more of!

Completely jaw dropping in every way.

Jackson & Co Photography | Offley Place Wedding Photography

  • Sooo much colour here – beautiful captures, every one – the B&G look amazing! Quality work Mr Jackson!

    November 17, 2012 at 5:37 pm

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