Walcot Hall Wedding Photography

Sarah & Ronnie | Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer

Last month I climbed in my car and drove the length of the country to the Shropshire hills to be Sarah & Ronnie's Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer. I absolutely love these guys and having met them at another wedding in Croatia a couple of years ago I'd been so excited to see them again that I genuinely hadn't even considered what the venue was going to be like and I was completely blown away by it. Looking out at the Shropshire...

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Port Lympne Weddings

Vikki & Dave| Port Lympne Wedding Photographer

Somewhere in the Kent countryside giraffes and rhinos roam alongside brides and grooms celebrating their wedding day. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to confuse the views with being on safari. Sure, I've never been on safari and this is probably the closest that I'll get to it anytime soon but hey, Lions, Tigers, Antelope and Baboons all at one wedding venue, how amazing is that? This was my first time as a Port Lympne Wedding Photographer and...

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East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer

Nicole & Luke | East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer

Jackson & Co Photography | East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer So yesterday I got to be Nicole & Luke's East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer which was frankly awesome. I've been to the Lobster Shack once before a couple of years ago and loved it and yesterday just confirmed my opinion that this place is one of the coolest and loveliest places to get married in Kent. Sat right on the Whitstable seafront with pebbles underfoot and mountains of local Oysters piled up to...

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Newburgh Priory Wedding

Mel & Ken | Newburgh Priory Wedding Photographer

Jackson & Co Photography | Newburgh Priory Wedding Photography On a cold March day I had the pleasure of being Mel & Ken's Newburgh Priory Wedding Photographer and what an amazing day it turned out to be. Absolutely amazing. I was joined by my good mate Adam for the day and we had an absolute blast with these guys from start to finish. Newburgh Priory is settled high up amongst the North York Moors and really is a hidden gem. Driving through...

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Nether Winchendon House Wedding Photography

Gareth & Manju | Nether Winchendon House Wedding Photographer

Jackson & Co Photography | Nether Winchendon House Wedding Photographer Earlier this spring I got to spend the day with Gareth & Manju as their Nether Winchendon House Wedding Photographer. We had rain, we had snow, we had blasts of sunshine and we had a whole heap of heart on the sleeve emotion. It really was a cracking day. I'd been here once before several seasons ago so it was terrific to come back and see it with fresh eyes for a truly...

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South Farm Wedding

Story Frame | South Farm Wedding Photography | Louise & Ben

I don't know why but normally the "traditional" moments of the day, the first kiss, the cake cut, the first dance rarely produce the moments that resonate with me afterwards. Maybe its the pressure to do something amazing? Maybe its the feeling that all the eyes on the room are on them? Who knows, but I see loads of couples kind of shuffle through these events kind of bashfully. So to see a couple completely in a world of their own...

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Walcot Hal Wedding | Jackson & Co Photography | Sarah & Ronnie-13

Story Frame | Walcot Hall Wedding | Sarah & Ronnie

I genuinely don't even know where to begin with this wedding. All weddings are emotional, but at different levels, with some people its more of a British stiff upper lip kind of thing, for others its a heart on the sleeve, tears rolling down their cheeks occasion. Guess which is my favourite. This was my first experience of a Walcot Hall Wedding and what a truly unique and quirky wedding venue it is, right up my alley. It's authentic and unspoiled...

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Yard of ale wedding

Story Frame | Luxury Marquee Wedding | Mel & Ken

Keeping up the recap so far of 2016 on the blog today is another Story Frame. This time from Mel & Ken and their gorgeous Luxury Marquee Wedding at Newburgh Priory a few weeks ago. This wedding has really set the bar for 2016 incredibly high, it was full of laughter, had some wonderfully tender moments of real emotion and also had an absolutely killer dance floor. Which is pretty much everything I want to photograph each week! Jackson & Co...

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