Crete Wedding Photographers

Polly & Ismail | Crete Wedding Photographer

It feels like we've only really just touched back down in the UK but I wanted to share a few frames from Polly & Ismails wedding with you as soon as I could. My first time as a Crete Wedding Photographer and an experience that I'll never ever forget. These guys are two of the most humble, sweetest and most honest people that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and to be a part of their day was a complete honour....

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Jodie & Sam | Lake Garda Wedding Photography | Jackson & Co Photography-22

Jodie & Sam | Lake Garda Wedding Photographer

  Sat here on the sofa typing away surrounded by my cameras, lenses and bags scattered all over the floor it's fair to say I'm a bit tired. It's crazy just how much fun I've had this past few days and I'm still trying to get my head around it all. Having been to Lake Garda three times now I feel like I know the place really well but it just never ceases to amaze me. Being a Lake Garda Wedding...

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Dubrovnik Wedding Photography

Rose & Andy | Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer

Yesterday afternoon my plane touched down on the tarmac at Gatwick and I took a very very deep breath. One, mainly because I was back on the ground and I'm a comically nervous flyer, and two, well because a career highlight for me was drawing to a close. This past few days has seen me hang out with Rose & Andy in Croatia and my first time as a Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer. It's been jaw dropping all around and I...

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Destination Wedding Photographer

Stuart & Sarah | A Lake Garda Wedding

Malcesine is beginning to feel like a second home for me. With my first visit last year and already being booked to return next summer it's an incredible place to feel at home in. No two weddings are ever the same though and Stuart and Sarah's Lake Garda Wedding couldn't have been more different. With just their parents, their brothers and sisters and their gorgeous little nieces and nephews they had the most intimate of wedding ceremonies on the rooftop...

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Lake Garda Wedding Photography

An Evening Stroll | Lake Garda Wedding Photographer

Now this is a bit of a special one for me. Being a Lake Garda Wedding Photographer is one of the coolest things I've ever done and when I photographed Sean and Mel's wedding in Malcesine last year it was one of the best photographic experiences that I've ever had. So when Stuart and Sarah got in touch to ask if I wanted to go back to Italy and photograph their wedding ceremony then I just smiled from ear to...

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Malcesine Wedding Photographer

Lake Garda Wedding Photographer | Stuart & Sarah

On Wednesday of this week I was lucky enough to photograph Stuart and Sarah's intimate wedding on the rooftop of Malcesine Castle. This is my second time out here as a Lake Garda Wedding Photographer and it's difficult to explain just how fortunate I am to be here. The backdrop and scenery is astounding with colossal mountain peaks every direction you turn along with the deep emerald green waters of the lake right in front of you. It's pretty much...

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Beach Wedding Photographer

Isles Of Scily | Destination Wedding Photographer

As a Destination Wedding Photographer part of the fun is never really knowing where this awesome job is going to take you. When David McNeil rang and asked if I fancied helping him out with a Destination wedding on the Isles Of Scily I immediately said yes. Then I put the phone down and laughed out loud for about an hour realising that I am not great on planes and worse still on boats. This would involve a LOT of...

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2012 | A Year In The Life… | Kent Wedding Photographer

Deep breath. Wow, what a year its been. Relocating - Goodbye York, Hello Tunbridge Wells and becoming a Kent Wedding Photographer. A new home, reaquainting with old friends and making some brilliant new ones along the way and being so much closer to my family has been all and more that we hoped it would be. Hannah and I have achieved more this year together than any other year that's gone before. Michael Jackson | Kent Wedding Photographer We've had so many...

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