Ravens Ait Wedding Photographer

Ravens Ait Island Wedding Photographer | Alice & Nick

Yesterday was my very first time as a Ravens Ait Island Wedding Photographer for Alice & Nicks wonderful wedding day. Ravens Ait is a truly unique venue, a tiny little island set right in the middle of the Thames near Kingston. Before arriving at Ravens Ait Alice got ready at her parents home before driving to their local church where the service was conducted by Alice's uncle which was an especially lovely touch. Seeing all the guests hopping onto the little boat...

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Preston Court Wedding

Sabrina & Matthew | Preston Court Wedding Photographer

This one has been on my radar for awhile now. For one reason or another a couple of opportunities to be a Preston Court Wedding Photographer have slipped me by in the past so I was so excited to finally get to photograph one of, if not the very best wedding venues in Kent on Friday. Preston Court has character. Buckets of it. From the stunning private house with climbing roses and steps littered with potted flowers and cactuses to the...

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Blenheim Palace Wedding

Ali & Pete | Blenheim Palace Wedding Photographer

"OH MY GOD!!! We’re absolutely blown away! We knew how good you were when we hired you, and were expecting a lot, but your previews have already surpassed that. They’re fantastic. Thank you so much for your calming influence, and for making our day even more amazing." - Ali & Pete Alison and Pete were married on Saturday and it was a complete delight. This was my first time as a Blenheim Palace Wedding Photographer so seeing the grounds and palace close up...

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Clock Barn Wedding Photographer

Carly & Sean | The Clock Barn Wedding Photographer

"We are just lost for words, these are the most beautiful photos we have ever seen. The way you managed to capture the day is just breathtaking. The slideshow is perfect and really tells a story, it's like reliving the day all over again. Out of this world - thank you." A few previews for you all today from my first time as The Clock Barn Wedding Photographer for Carly and Sean last week. The Clock Barn is a stunning venue...

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Eastwell Manor Wedding Photographer

Eastwell Manor Wedding Photographer | Bendu & Alexis

"Oh wow oh wow oh wow! What can we say? We have looked through our photos countless times and are just in awe at how you captured our day. Heres to looking at the pics again for the umpteenth time!" - Bendu & Alexis Today on the blog a little mini post for a little mini bride and a little mini wedding! Bendu & Alexis booked me a short time ago for their small celebration, they would be having an intimate church...

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Walcot Hall Wedding Photography

Sarah & Ronnie | Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer

Last month I climbed in my car and drove the length of the country to the Shropshire hills to be Sarah & Ronnie's Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer. I absolutely love these guys and having met them at another wedding in Croatia a couple of years ago I'd been so excited to see them again that I genuinely hadn't even considered what the venue was going to be like and I was completely blown away by it. Looking out at the Shropshire...

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Port Lympne Weddings

Vikki & Dave| Port Lympne Wedding Photographer

Somewhere in the Kent countryside giraffes and rhinos roam alongside brides and grooms celebrating their wedding day. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to confuse the views with being on safari. Sure, I've never been on safari and this is probably the closest that I'll get to it anytime soon but hey, Lions, Tigers, Antelope and Baboons all at one wedding venue, how amazing is that? This was my first time as a Port Lympne Wedding Photographer and...

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East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer

Nicole & Luke | East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer

Jackson & Co Photography | East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer So yesterday I got to be Nicole & Luke's East Quay Venue Wedding Photographer which was frankly awesome. I've been to the Lobster Shack once before a couple of years ago and loved it and yesterday just confirmed my opinion that this place is one of the coolest and loveliest places to get married in Kent. Sat right on the Whitstable seafront with pebbles underfoot and mountains of local Oysters piled up to...

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